Can I make the app formula dynamic?


Can I make the app formula dynamic? For example, I am creating a new entry in which there are several text column types. Can I use one of the text type fields as an app formula for another field of the same record? That is, to dynamically change the contents of a field?

AppFormulas are recalculated on every sync and therefore they are dynamic already. What you are trying to achieve?

Will you take me with a screenshot?

I want to specify an expression for the app formula every time I create or edit a record.

It sounds like you’re saying that you want to be able to write what the AppFormula for a row should be from with the App itself and not in the editor. Is that right?

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Unfortunately you can’t do that

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You’re welcome

However, you can create an ENUMLIST column where the content might be the your column content (for mimic the AppFormula content) and then you can CONCATENATE the included selection set with an AppFormula in the Form View. This can be a possible workaround if it fits.

Yes, that suits me better.
Thanks again