Can I NOT display Short Name in the App Properties

I’m finishing up prototype and looking at the main login page, with the logo in place and short description of the App, I don’t want to display the Short Name.

However when I delete it and save, it just populates the name of the app again with - and my account number.

Is Short Name required or is there a way to override to display nothing?


It is required: it is literally the name of your app.

Why do you want to hide it?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for response.

Between the logo with the name, the short name with the name, and the short description which actually uses the name (aka logo & short name) as part of the description of the app, it just seems too much. I was hoping that I could just display the logo which effectively is the title and a short description with reference to name that would be the right amount.

Just wanted to check if that App property was actually required, and it is.


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