Can I re-sync old data?

The headline may not be the right question.
A client had an accident whereby a staff member began removing column headers as well as column ID and Timestamp, not malicious, just didn’t understand what she was working with. I was able to recover the data from a previous day and that table is fine, however I’m still seeing an exclamation next to the customer name Selection_322, is there a way to sync this? There are six thousand rows. Thanks!
App ID is AStepAbove-80498 table is PM Billing

@Rod - others may have better thoughts on this, but if your data source is gsheets, I have been successful repairing issues by using the “Versions” history in gsheets to bring back a copy just prior to the “accident”. But… if you made any changes to your app after that prior gsheet date/time, you could have issues if the columns were changed.

In any case, I would rollback the gsheet to a known version, and then also roll back your app to a version as close as possible to that last change.

I would give that a shot first… You can always roll forward if you don’t like the results…

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Thanks Mike, yes, gsheets is the source and that’s exactly where I captured the old data, but, like you mentioned, yes the app was changed or at least the tables were refreshed during this and I think ID’s are mismatched or something like that, some of my deref functions won’t work as well. At least the data is still there, I just need to get it working again. Thanks!

Wait, are you talking about version history in appsheet?

Yes. Appsheet manages versions as well so you can roll back to an older working version of the app.

Thanks, that worked!

@rod - glad it helped! Versions have saved me from my mistakes many times :grinning: