Can i select cities from maps and add it in my app?


I am making a travel request app where I need the requester to enter the destination of travel. Is it possible we can enter the destination as it happens in Uber, Ola, or google maps, where I just add few initials and it automatically detects the location?

This is needed as most of my users will be manufacturing workers, so if I make them enter the destination manually, they may make mistakes as some may write Delhi as Delli or Dilli or Dehli etc.

I need to solve this problem, if any other solution is available, please let me know.


If your app field is set as an ‘Address’ type, it should prefill with address options pulled from the Google Maps API as the user types:


Hello, thanx for the suggestion. I have changed the type to address, but still it isn’t pulling suggestions from Maps.

Kindly help me on this.

Please contact for further help with this.