Can I show a chart that is reversed?

Am I able to display a chart that is reversed so that 0 is at the top?

Not sure what you are asking but you can always create a VC with the desired offset for your column data and chart that.

I want to display a line chart that will have 0 on the top instead of on the bottom. So y axis is reversed.

I don’t think you could do that specifically. But if you need a chart type/style that AppSheet doesn’t have, try You can use them to create dynamic chart images in the style you want. It’ll take a bit of learning on how to get it to do what you want, but it is a wonderful resource.

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Thank you Bahbus! Am I able to use the data inputted into appsheets display inside my app using quickchart?

Should be able to, no problem.

To accomplish this i ended up just putting negative values to show the chart in a “reversed” view. It isn’t ideal but it works for now.