Can I show a Yes/No, but store different values in the spreadsheet based on Yes/No?

Hi Vassili -

sorry it has taken so long to get to this as I am not on the boards very often…

I have a column that asks a Y/N question (in this case, I’m asking about ‘any stress’ (are you feeling stressed? yes / no. The user chooses either yes or no. There is nothing fancy inside of that.

The next column, I have it titled ‘stress math’ which is a ‘numbers’ type column. In here, I have an app formula that looks at the previous column:

[Any stress?]= “Yes”,2,
[Any stress?]= “No”,0,

So what this formula does it says 'if the column titled ‘any stress’ = Yes, give that a value of 2. If the ‘any stress’ column = No, give that a value of 0.

There are other columns that basically do the same thing as the previous 2 - one asks a question and the other does some math based on the answer. The other columns are enum columns, but do basically the same thing - they have a number associated with them.

Then at the end I have a column that adds up all of the ‘math’ columns, (a risk score), and then there are 1 of 3 columns that will show in the app based on the risk score.

Hope this helps!