Can I sort a table after adding a new record?

Hello there,
Is there a way to automatically sort a table after I add a new record to it?

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Thanks Levent. This is the way to sort a View but is there a way to sort the actual data in the Table?


Thank you :rofl:.
What I´m really trying to do is to sort a dropdown list that comes from a referencd table.
The dropdown values are shown in the same order as the records in the source table. Not in alphabetical order.
Then the real question is, how do I sort a dropdown lis?

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Well, that is an entirely different question! :slight_smile:

The order of items in a dropdown list can be sorted however you chose. If you have a list of Ref values, wrap the list with an ORDERBY() expression. For instance, to sort a list from the Related Order Details column by their row numbers in the spreadsheet:

ORDERBY([Related Order Details], [_ROWNUMBER])`

The expression is commonly used as the Valid If expression, to limit the user’s choices to only those entries in the list.

See also:

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Used this expression succesfully:

Thanks a lot Steve!

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