Can I still have 10 people test my app if I switch to Pro Plan?

Good day,

I have completed my prototype and was looking to move to the Pro plan so I could see what the performance and user experience (with our logo etc.) would be.

However reading on pricing page, it sounds like I only have the option of having up to 10 users test my app before promoting to prime time.

My question is, if I move to the Pro plan do I still have the option of having up to 10 users help me test and provide feedback before really going live?

Please advise.

ps. if not, I’ll stay on prototype and collect feedback before moving to the Pro Plan.

It is my experience that AppSheet only bills users for deployed applications.

Therefore, you could be on the pro plan and paying for an application with 10 users, and still have prototype applications with different userpools that arent being tracked against your quota.

Hi Jonathan,

Understood that I will only be charged for my app once it’s deployed.

My question was more about do I still have the ability to have 10 users testing my app, even though I’m only paying for my own 10 p/month plan?

It’s great that we can leverage up to 10 users to help with testing during prototype phase, however if I deploy and starting paying my $10/p/month, I suspect I won’t be able to leverage 10 users without those users also paying.

I was just looking to understand as much of the deployment, performance and look/feel of the white labeled app before pushing out to Apple/Google.

I suspect I’ll just end up continuing to stay prototype, round up 10 users to provide testing and feedback. Once we’re done testing, I’ll promote to Pro plan and white label and deploy to Apple and Android marketplaces.


Consider contacting with your question.

Thanks Steve,

I’ll send them a message.


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