Can I use a Bluetooth Barcode scanner with appsheet app to search data?

I have Dashboard View in which i can search with barcode.

Its working fine with mobile camera. Now I want to buy a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. But will it work with barcode scanner. My phone is running on Android 10.

If the barcode scanner scan any code and send it to my mobile will the appsheet automatically search the data and show the results. If anyone know then please help me…

I don’t think so. I wonder why you want to use other separate devices to scan while your mobile can scan…. Any use case?

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Because barcode scanner will speed up my work. I dont want to click that search button everytime.

I just want to push the barcode scanner trigger…then it will scan the code and send it to the device… The app will search the data and show me the orders details.

It depends on your use case , but you should be able to achieve AppSheet app only to scan super quickly without involving other device which is just adding complexity


You may want to use this option ?

And set the barcode field at the first place on your form


Thanks for your suggestion. But I dont think that will work for me because I am not inputting data in form. My data are not editable. They are pre-filled. I just use this app to search data from my Google sheets.


If your scanner sends data to the device as text, as if the text were entered with a keyboard, I’d think it would work (but I can’t speak from experience).

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Steve, actually I checked it by connecting keyboard with my mobile. The result is …

if I press a button on the keyboard, nothing happens in the app. I have to click on the search icon first.

Then if I type, it works. But once I searched anything, then if I want to search another thing I have to clear the previous searched value from the search box and then I can enter new value.

That means if barcode scanner just simply send a text to my phone, then I have to clear the search box everytime after the searching.

Is there any way to automatically clear the search box after the searching.

What you want is not possible with AppSheet.

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I think there is a way. After searching if I press “Tab + Enter” then it will clear the search box value.

To make it automatic, I can add Prefix with Barcode Scanner Value. Barcode scanner will send data like this…
“Tab + Enter + [Scanned_Value]”

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