Can Linktofilteredview() be controlled by Orderby()?

Anyone have a smart hack to order your rows called by a filtered view action into a certain order you want them to be in, with the order depending on one of the values on the row you currently are in?

Not testing ideas with app, but I came up with this as first impression.

Create several view, for instance, table views, and the rows are differently ordered by each column in a way you want to present the rows on the table view.

On the original table where action is fired, to place a column as enum to let the user to select which filed they wish to “orderby” row on the filteredview before they jump in.
Set workflow to fire action of linktofilteredview based on the value of this Enum. Meatning preparing the same number of linktofilteredview action assinged to each differet table view, and one of them will be fired based on the value on enum as above.

Not sure if this will work out on Appsheet, but giving you an idea.


Could you give us an idea what the app is supposed to display, and what your ORDERBY() expression looks like? That might suggest a solution.