Can linktoform work between 2 apps? Scenario...

(JMI Labs) #1

Can linktoform work between 2 apps?

Scenario - I have a set of 6 apps that all coexist to do similar processes.

I split the work into multiple apps to keep any one app from becoming too complex or large.

However, now I need to be able to prefill a form in 1 app from a view in another app.

Am I going to have to combine them into one app to use linktoform?

or is there a way to make this work that I’m missing.

(Tony Fader) #2

@JMI_Labs1 Yes, you can use a LINKTOFORM formula that includes the name of the app you’re linking to. See the example on this page:

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@tony Thanks!

It seemed to make sense that it should, but the example tooltip in the editor doesn’t show that scenario.