Can not choose dropdown list use with valid if

how can I do this? I try to choose on dropdown it can not. I use this expression on valid if >> SELECT(Batch_qualify[Batch Virtual Column],[PO Virtual Column]=[_THISROW].[order]) …it show
I try to choose and save , it show massege >>
Help me please.
Thank you.

It shows the warning/alert as your field is a required field. When you select one of your options, it will go away.

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I do not check require. It will return that.

Your app thinks you did:


After removing check require and saving when selecting batch, it seems that it was not selected when saving returned with the same message came up. I don’t understand.

Is the Batch column the key column for the table?

Batch is not a key, but the key is CONCATENATE ([Order], “:”, [Batch]).Column ‘Batch’ is part of a computed key.
I wonder if we can check require, but the Batch button cannot be selected or pressed, so it will display a message saying This entry is require.
All in all, the Batch button cannot be selected.
Why is this May I know, please explain or help me.

Any column that is key or is used to generate the key is both required and may not be changed after the row is saved the first time.

The main point is check require? I understand. Ihave to check require.But now I can’t do this yet.It disable to select.Please advise.

I’m having difficulty understanding. I think you’re saying that you are unable to choose from among the available values for the Batch column? That the app won’t let you choose one?

Yes, sir. I’m very confused.

I don’t understand and don’t know how to fix it.

Could someone please help?

Dont use the computed key, just add ID column with uniqueid() as initial value expression.
You are using two fields to generate computed key out of order/batdch field. Those two are used as key, so not editable. So you dont see the drop down selection, as it is not editable.
Also you need to pass Batch field value as it is part of key, it can not be a null.

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Thank you for all advise and help.

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