Can not view signature images in another app

I have two apps (App_A, App_B) that share the same table. The table has a signature column. When a row is created in App_A, the signature image is stored, on google drive, in /appsheet/data/App_A/my_table_images/. The filepath that is stored in the table, for a signature image, is of the form “my_table_images/my_signature.png”. These load fine in App_A because appsheet knows to look in “/appsheet/data/App_A/” for the image.

The problem is that the signatures do not load in App_B. I just see the ‘file not found’ triangle. I assume this is because the app is looking for an image here: “/appsheet/data/App_B/my_table_images/my_signature.png”. App_B does not know that it should be looking in “/appsheet/data/App_A/”

I tried changing the “Image/File folder path” setting of the signature column to these values: “/appsheet/data/App_B/”, “/data/App_B/”, “/App_B/”, but none of those options work.

Does anyone know what I should do?


I’m not check it right now, but I throught it might have something to do with the security option setting.

Chenged the Secure Image access or Require image and file url signing in App_A may change the result.

Sorry for ther uncertainty information, but I hope you can give it a try.


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem.

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