Can search bar be visible all the time?

I’m building a directory. The main feature is searching (by name). In the UX, is there a way to make the search bar expanded, not requiring user interaction (click) to open?


Is there any way to add a search in the dashboard or elsewhere? Search is really the main element of my little home app, just like Google start page. :slight_smile:

Sure! You’d probably want a detail view atop a slice that isolates a user-specific row of a search table. The view would have at least one exposed column as a Quick Edit column. The result view or views would use that same slice and its one user-specific row of the search table to generate results.

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Thank you so much, Steve.
Just curious if there is a sample app that has a search bar like that?

I’m afraid I don’t know, but imagine there is. What I described is not an uncommon approach.

@Lynn, are you aware of a good search sample app?

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Hi @Steve
Sorry things are a bit hectic at the moment but if I get a chance I will have a look. I think there may be a community one somewhere.

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@Lynn Thank you. That would be great. I tried searching but couldn’t find one.

Does anyone else know of a way or a sample app that has search in a Dashboard view? I need to hide the menu and only show search and search results.

I have the app working with the menu and menu-search but since that has to be hidden I’m hoping there is another way to do this.

Thank you.