Can someone explain the reasoning behind this...

(Steven Coile) #1

Can someone explain the reasoning behind this behavior? For a column that is not included in a slice, the column’s App formula will be applied when a row is added from the slice, but not when the same row is edited from the slice. I’d expect the App formula to be applied at both creation and at modification, or at neither, but at one and not the other doesn’t make sense to me.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hmm, that would need to be @Adam_Stone_AppSheet :]

I think of AppFormulas as a mechanism to keep an entity (ie. something represented by a row) consistent as individual values of its properties (i.e column values) change.

A slice exposes a subset of the entity’s properties, but editing them shouldn’t allow the entity to become inconsistent. So based on this reasoning, I’d expect the app formulas to always be applied.

However, Adam has thought about this a lot more with detailed customer-driven scnearios, so let’s wait for him to comment/clarify.