Can someone help me create a view that is use...

(Ellen Sligh) #1

Can someone help me create a view that is user friendly for kids.

I’m a teacher. Maybe Appsheet has this capability, maybe not.

I am making tables for them to make choices from drop down menus but I would like for them to see it as populating a grid or week view so they can see their completed choice sort of like this:

(see image)

The word “choice” would then change to the item they specify from the dropdown menu.

Any possibility?

(David Ackling-Jones) #2

Hi Ellen. I think you could do this in a dashboard view. If you made 5 Form views, for: Monday,

Tuesday,…Friday And added those to a single dashboard view you could get something close to this.

How will you be wanting to store those students’ “choices” for future reference?

(David Ackling-Jones) #3

One thing to be aware of: dashboard views are arranged differently depending on the device screen size. What device do your students use for this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Are you looking this solution for form view?

(Ellen Sligh) #5

iPad size for the kids -I was using the form view but it’s hard for them to use the form view for what I want to happen… I want a drop down to show when they click on “choices” and the word they choose from the dropdown to replace the word “choices” when they choose it.

(David Ackling-Jones) #6

That is easy, you should start by

1.creating a table called Choices with the columns:

[ID]-text, initial value =uniqueid();

[Choice1]-enum,initial value =“Choices”, enum input mode = dropdown;

[Choice2]-enum,initial value =“Choices”, enum input mode = dropdown;

[Choice3]-enum, initial value =“Choices”, enum input mode = dropdown;


[Student],ref to the Key column on your student table.

[Week], ref to the key column on a table with School Week numbers in it.

  1. Then create a slice for each [Weekday]

  2. Then create a Detail View for each Weekday slice, and ensure that [Choice1],[Choice2] and [Choice3] are in the quick edit list.

  3. Then create a table view for students–ensure all your student names are in there.

  4. Then create a table view for School Weeks—ensure all your school weeks are in there.

  5. Then create a record in your “Choices” table, for each student, for each weekday, leaving the Choice Columns as “Choices”. This ensures the detail views actually appear when you click on the student and the appropriate school week in the dashboard.

7.Then create a dashboard and include each Weekday Detail view on it. Also include your student table and “School Week” table view at the top.

  1. In the view editor, select Behaviour/Interactive mode.

This should give you what you want, i.e. -a single view that has dropdowns for choices

-for each weekday -for each student -for each school week

On a PC it will line up side by side as in your picture. On an Ipad or phone it might be stacked on top of itself. But it will look good.

What do you think?

(David Ackling-Jones) #7

Note: - we are using a “Detail” view with quick edit comumn, rather than a form view. - you need to have already created the list of students, the list of school weeks, and a row for each student on each day of each relevant school week–you will find this easiest if you do it in Google Sheets, rather than through a form.

This it just a rough set of instructions, let us know how you go.