Can someone help with this we need to make automatic change in enum value from yes to no at the end of every month. HELP

We need to make this action to reset to NO value at the end of every month.
will this do the trick.

It seems correct

i think you gave us the solution the first time we asked and for that we thank you, but we think because they will alter that value during the month to “yes” and they need to see what is done and what is not before the butoon resets to “no” this is a beeter solution, we are still confused how to resolve this.
they have a monthly obligation to check lifts in period of one month about 400 of them, as part of maintenance and they need to do that every month, and to have what is done in that month and what is skiped so they can do that in the next one, so for us its a bit difficult to make that happen for them.

one question will it do it automatically when the time comes or they need to press the action button.

They need to press the action button. Provided you need an automatic action to be taken, then I may advise using Scheduled Report feature for that.

HI again, this is what we need this thing to do, at the end of every month we need to reset enum value from “yes” to “no” automatically, and it needs to be able for service men who are doing the monthly inspection to change that to “yes” and it needs to stay “yes” until the automatic change at the end of the month happens, can you help with this we are still lost how to resolve this issue. is there a solution?

The best way to set the enum field’s value to “No” automatically at the end of each month is to create a Report (also known as a “Scheduled Rule”). The Report will run on the day and time you specify. The Report can invoke a Data Change action that sets the enum field’s value to “No”.

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After the Report sets the enum field’s value to “No” , your users can use the application to set the value of the enum field to “Yes”. Once the user sets the field’s value to “Yes”, the field will retain that value until the next time the Report runs at end of the month.