Can someone help

I have a this situation
Column 1 is Enum Type
Column 2 is email type

(Column 1 Enum Values)

If ( C ) is selected Then I need Column 2 to be filed automatically with Useremail()

I would use the below:

IF ( [Column 1] = “C” , USEREMAIL() , " " )

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i got this error

Column Name ‘Column 2’ in Schema ‘S_Req_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Email’ has an invalid data validation constraint ‘=ifs( [Column 1]=“C”, USERNAME() )’.

ِAlso i need the Condition to work in (add and edit)

Remove the “S” from IFS, and provide the Else condition.

Yes/No Expressions | AppSheet Help Center.


ifs( [Column 1]=“C”, USERNAME() )

is perfectly suitable.


Put this expression in the column’s Initial value rather than in Valid If.

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The expression works only in (App formula)

and it works fine

is there a way to assign that usename() in other table [column]


the other table name (S_Req_close) the column is [use_name]

I did not know this was possible :scream:, for some reason I though IFS always required multiple conditions!

:woman_facepalming:t2: If I had knew this, I would have saved lots of time in different occasions. Well, I have learnt something new today!

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Can you show how to do it

Or give example

Please describe what you want to do in a little more detail.

I hope the following figure illustrates the idea


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Set the Initial value expression for the First User email column of the S_Req_close table to:

[Req No].[First User email]

See also:

Table: Users

User_name User_email

Table: S_Req

Req_id First_user_name Entery_Date Offer_Status Last_user_name End_date
3d3464fe Oliver 12-4-2021 available
75920828 Yaom 15-4-2021 In negotiation Khalid 19-4-2021


First_user_name SELECT( Users[User_name],([User_email] = useremail() ))

Entery_Date Today()

Offer_Status ENUM

Last_user_name ifs([Offer_Status]=" In negotiation",SELECT(Users[User_name],([User_email] = useremail() )))

End_date Today()

I need to have condition in the Slices on table (S_Req) to show only if

  • [Offer_Status] = “In negotiation”
  • Email of [Last_user_name] = useremail() ??? I need it to chick the email from the table Users because I’m having name in the field [Last Username] not an Email