Can someone submitting a form receive a copy of what they submitted?

I’ve figured out how to create workflows to email data based on certain triggers - but for users of the app.

We have a public app, so no added users/logins, and I’ve been asked if the person who submits the form can receive a copy of what they submitted.

I know other programs, smartsheet for one, has an option on their form settings to send submitter a copy. Does Appsheet have this or is it on the roadmap any time soon?

I’d think it entirely possible with existing capabilities: you just have to configure the app to do it.

LOL, gee thanks @Steve … how do I do that? :laughing:

Prior to Automation, it would be a matter of adding a workflow on the form’s table triggered by adds (and updates?) to generate an email containing the row’s column values and send it to the form submitter. You’d have to collect the form submitter’s email from the user, and trust what they provide. Automation can be used to do this, too, but I’ve resisted wading in to it so far, so I can’t offer any specific guidance.