Can´t Add Column to the App

Hi, i´m having a problem. Can´t add a column to the app. I select that column on any view (check the “show”, “editable” and “require” buttons) but it still doesn’t work. It´s a drop down column with a “Select” formula, but i tried deleting the formula and leaving a “text” type in case the problem were the dropdown, but the issue continues. Also tried regenerating the structure and deleting the formula on the app and the sheet, but the problem remains. Does someones knows were could be the problem?

What do you mean by this?

How can you select a column you can’t add to the app?

Oh, so it has been added?

Your description of the problem makes no sense. :frowning:

Perhaps a screenshot of the problem column would help. And/or a screenshot of any error messages.

i thinks data still have formula at below the column
make sure its clearly and you has regenerate this column yet