Can Tables be Shared amongst different Apps?

I have split my office app into 2 different apps but they both need some tables that are common for both of these apps. Is there a way to share the table between 2 different apps ? It is too difficult to maintain the same table in both the apps especially when you have a lot of virtual columns with formulas and configurations

Yes, they can be shared.

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Thanks Marc. Can you please tell me how ?

I’m not sure I understand what your question is. You just load the same Table into the 2nd app.

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Say I have 2 apps - Sales and Production . In Both I have a common Table Orders . I have created the table Orders from my spreadsheet into the sales app and created some 20 virtual columns. Now I want the same Table Orders in my Production App but I dont want to import again from the spreadsheet and then create these many virtual columns and so on. I would want to connect my Production App to Orders table in Sales App .

Only the real data can be shared. You’ll have to re-create all of the VCs. You may consider copying the app to avoid a lot of re-creation, assuming the 2nd app isn’t already created.


Thats too difficult . Any changes in the column, and I’ll have to do in both the tables. I have just given an example of one table and 2 apps. Imagine when there are multiple tables and multiple apps in a scenario like ours where we are trying to build an enterprise app. You cannot actually put all the modules in one app as appsheet is not able to handle that ( We tried that and its taking ages to sync) .

I feel at some point appsheet might want to consider giving a provision where we can keep the tables as backend and build different apps as frontend, just how the normal development happens but in a no code fashion.

Yes, it is difficult, but sometimes that’s just life…

That’s basically what it is now, but only for real data, your main issue is with duplicating the VCs, which are app-specific. While your idea perhaps has merit, consider the fact that in many cases keeping VCs only in one app, while another app just loads the data, is the optimal case.

This thread may interest you:


Yes. This is what I want or atleast close but unfortunately I dont see even this Feature Request been addressed by the appsheet team as yet.

Hello @Manish_Jain1, maybe if you’re only going to change the Orders table in one app you could change your VC to normal columns so you would get the information in all your other apps without recreating any VC? since there are methods to make normal columns work like VC using actions and workflows.

EDIT: actions and automations*, times change huh


Agree but then these many actions and automations… Would get really vast I think.

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Try conditioning and setting up your data ahead of time in google sheets. Almost everything you can do with virtual columns and stuff like that can be formulated in sheets so that your dataset/tables are readily available no matter what app you’re trying to use it in.