Can the internal "app name" field be updated/...

(John Baer) #1

Can the internal “app name” field be updated/changed?

There is an “app name” field found under My Account->App info.

It follows a format similar to “MyFirstApp-xxxxxx” where xxxxxx is the Account ID.

I originally created a fake app name to play around with but the app grew into my full-fledged app which I even transferred to a business account and since deployed.

I don’t think this name shows up in any client facing information but I can’t be certain of that.

I have seen this name show up in a couple of places during development. Regardless, I’d like to tidy up and change the “fake” name to a more professional name.

Any way I can do this?

(Michael) #2

Yes. Two ways to do this: Go to Info > Properties. There you will see the app short name which you can change. This is what your users will see. The named folder for the app in your cloud storage will remain unchanged. If your users are using your app in a web browser, the link to the app will also remain unchanged.

If you want the name in the link and the folder to change, create a copy of your initial app. During this process, you will have

the opportunity to name the copy something ‘more professional.’

(John Baer) #3

@Michael Hey thanks!

It is not the public name I am looking to change. The link contains a GUID which is also NOT what I am referring to.

I am not sure what “folder” you are mentioning.

The name I am looking to change is the one found under My Account->App info.

There is a field there actually called “App Name”.