Can user input be used to set value of column

Is it possible to ask for a user input for the “to this value” part of an action hat sets the value of a column? I have a set of actions when a user closes an item that auto sets the date closed and the user who closed it but they need to add a comment which I would like to add at the same time as this string of actions happens.

Perhaps you could put an action in the set of actions to navigate to a form for the input. That’s all I can think of. I wonder if anyone else has any ideas.

As @Kirk_Masden proposed… create a slice only with that comment column (Key and rownumber as well). Then create a set of actions where the last one is a deep link LINKTOROW. If you choose that Slice form view as target, it will ask you to fill that comment in the last step when triggering that action.

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Thanks. I’m stuck on the LINKTOROW action, it doesn’t seem to find the row.
I have a slice, as suggested and a Detail Form view called Add closed resp comment.
The combination action is triggered from a detail view so it would be the same record that I would want the comment to be added. This is the expression I have used in the final action.

LINKTOROW([Timestamp]=[_thisrow].[timestamp], “#view=Add%20closed%20resp%20comment”)

Have I referenced something wrong that it shows nothing when triggered?

If the Timestamp is a key column, write it like…
LINKTOROW([Timestamp],“Add closed resp comment”)

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Thank you so much, works perfectly.

You’re welcome

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I have this same problem. I get the error “The expression is valid but its result type ‘App’ is not one of the expected types: Price”. My deep link expression is:
LINKTOROW([Service ID],“Add Payment Amount”).
Not sure what I am doing wrong.

The LINKTOROW() expression goes in the Target setting of an action (in the Behavior >> Actions tab of the app editor), not in any setting of the column itself.

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Thanks! It works.

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Perhaps I was so excited when I got no error in the expression. What I have are 2 tables, Service table and service payment table. The service table has a Service ID column while the service payment table has a Payment ID and a related Service ID. Payment might be done more than once and I want the action button to be available as long as payment for service is not complete.

I created the action on the services table and a corresponding record is created in the service payment table. However, when I enter an amount and try to save, it says "key field “Payment ID is required”. But the Payment ID is part of the slice for entering the amounts. HELP.

If you’re adding a new row, the new row must be given a new key column value.

Thanks Steve for your responses. As the action is to add a new row, I created 2 actions (1st and 2nd). 1st action to add new key column value and values for other columns, 2nd action to allow users to set value of a column. All works fine only until I hit the save button on the 2nd action and it says *Key Field is required. But the two actions are created on table 1 and while data is written to table 2. The key field required is on table 2 and is not recognized by the LINKTOROW() expression.