Can Usersetting value be made available without it being saved?

(mahesh G) #1

I have a usersetting to hold “Next Session Date” and its value is computed using a formula expression. I am hoping to use the value of setting in my slice filters to simplify that expression. I do not want users have to set this manually. In short, this as a holder of global variables that I need elsewhere in the app.

The setting’s formula expression works correctly when defining it. However at runtime I am finding that unless the user opens the Settings and saves it, its value is not available in any data slice’s filter expression,

Having to save it is a problem for two reasons. First the date values that will need to keep changing with time. So say the Next Session date is the upcoming Monday this week, it needs to be a different date next week and so on. That’s the reason for using expression in the formula for the user setting. Second, it won’t be reasonable for users to keep setting it.

Now, my question, can one use usersetting this way i.e. as a holder for global variables and not require users to have to open user settings to save it before its value is available?
If not, any alternative mechanism to hold such vaiables and get evaluated at run time?


(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

UserSettings property is a device specific parameter where by-name & nature it requires user intervention. If you want to filter/slice app data, than you can set a conditional expression which will always be calculated on runtime/execution of the app.