Can we make an Action button visible to ony a particular user?


Can someone tell me how could i customise a Action button to be visible to only ‘a’ particular user, where can i do this, and how…

If your users log in, you can add to the Actions Behavior - “Only if this condition is true” - the expression USEREMAIL() = ""

If your users don’t log in, you would need some way to identify who the user is and then use that info in Action’s Behavior. For more help with that, please let us know what data you have in the app to identify the user.

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I already have a condition set for the action which goes like this [status]=dispatched

How can I add this condition and the particular user Email view one together

AND([Status] = “dispatched”, USEREMAIL() = “”)

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what is the expresion if i want this to be shown for multiple users

You can use an IN() clause like so

...IN(USEREMAIL(), {"", "", ""})
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with the addition of the condition of the condition [status]=dispatched, how can i add multiple email id’s

what would the expression be when i add this condition [status]=dispatched along with the expression you have provided

I believe it will be

AND( [Status]=“dispatched”, IN(USEREMAIL(), {“”, “”, “”}))

The above expression will check that the status of the record is ‘dispatched’ and the user’s email is in the list of allowed users’email.