Can we use 'Card' view as an 'Inline' view?

Hi All,
Card view isn’t working. Any particular reason for that?
And is there a possibility where we can use the ‘card’ view as an ‘Inline’ view? When I mean ‘inline’ view, I mean, within the detail view of a certain log entry, if that log entry contains a referenced table which will be shown as an ‘inline’ view, can we change that ‘inline’ view as a ‘card’ view? Anyhow, ‘card’ view doesn’t seem to work at all.

I’m afraid Card view is not yet full functional with inline views.

How about now? Any progress or timeline on this? I really like how they look and word wrap. would be very useful

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Card views are now available for selection within an Inline view (see image below). However, I am not sure if Card views are still in Beta. They may be.

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Card view still has a few bugs here and there, but I believe they are mostly cosmetic at this point. Otherwise they work great. Gallery inline would be a single, horizontal scroll line, but inline Cards expand the view downward perfectly.