Can you access Gsuite groups from appsheet

Can appsheet read my gsuite groups?

I have a sheet with these columns, where the values in the safety team Group are actual groups in gsuite

LOCATION Safety Team Group

is there a way I can lookup if the signed in user is a member of a safety team?


I don’t want to have to create all my safety groups in appsheet that I already have in gsuite…

Hi @llheath!

I haven’t worked with G suite groups, but I would guess that the key question is Can the G suite group information that your want in your app be pulled into a Google spreadsheet? If the answer is “Yes” then I think you’re in business.

I have an app where data from a public Google spreadsheet is pulled into my app’s G sheet via IMPORTRANGE() and then accessed inside the app. Perhaps you can do something like that with your groups.

You could try this extension-

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