Can you add AppSheet shortcuts to a home page...

(Nahani Mate) #1

Can you add AppSheet shortcuts to a home page if you are using a third party launcher (eg Nova Launcher)? We use Lenovo tablets with lots of Appsheet shortcuts on them. We have a problem that inexperienced users inadvertently move the shortcuts from one home screen to another, or accidentally create a folder with multiple icons in it. There is no facility in Android to lock the position of icons on the home screens, so I was going to use Nova Launcher which has a lock option. However adding a shortcut does not create a shortcut icon on the home screen in the Nova Launcher as it does in the native Android launcher. Any advice on how to have lots of AppSheet shortcut icons on a home screen, with them all locked in position, would be gratefully received.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Just an idea… how about an app launcher? Have you thought about it?

(Nahani Mate) #3

As I wrote above, I have installed Nova Launcher but when I added the shortcuts for an AppSheet app, it didn’t appear on the Nova Launcher home screen, only on the native Android home screen. I have just upgraded to the Prime version of the Nova Launcher app, and all the appsheet shortcuts I had on my phone stopped working, and I when I try to add them back again, it says "“Item added” but they don’t appear on either the Nova Launcher screen or the native home screen. So I’ve actually gone backwards. Very frustrating.