Can you apply a behavior to select spacific group of rows from the Data, when clicked?

Hello. In my app, there are two pages. A page of Company Names and a page of Products. I want to create functionality that any time the user clicks a specific Company, the app will forward him to the Products page and display the products from the ProductsCatalog table that belong to the selected company. Is it possible to do so?

Appreciate anyone who answers. Thanks in advance.

Firstly read this:


These are called UX Views (or shortly Views)

This is called Row Selected Action/Behavior


And lastly look at these pages:


Thanks :slight_smile: that was a helpful answer, or you could have just said: “LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()”

…or you could have read the AppSheet documentation well enough by just a very simple search in i.e. linking tables or linking views and then come up with a question that you think you couldn’t be able to dig out. Besides learning the correct terminology of the platform that you’re developing an app makes no harm I believe. Besides it might help you later to describe your problem better and in a more shortly and effective form. Life itself is based on endless learning…