Can you color code an enum values?

I can’t find any tutorials on color coding values. I may just know what the correct terms are when searching. Can that be done?

You can use Format Rules.

However, Format Rules will not work on basic Text type Enum values in a Form view. They’ll be colored in every other view though.

Another option is that you can use emojis as all or part of the Enum value. Just copy and paste an emoji directly in where you’d otherwise type the value.

A third option is to use Enum with a base type of Ref, pointing to some utility Table that holds your Enum values. Then you can apply Format Rules to the Label column of those records, and I believe then the colors will show in the Form. Or, at the very least, I’m 100% sure that any attached icons will show.


For reference:


The emojis are giving me an error. I was so hoping that would of worked. I’m going to read the format rules and learn.

Which is?

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So I thought it was because of the emojis and backed them out but still keep getting this. I’m not sure why. I didn’t change the value.

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I did try putting [Product] in but it still reads an error

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I fixed it! Thanks for your help.

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