can you deactivate computation of related row...

(Jonas /) #1

can you deactivate computation of related rows for Ref Columns?

Many times I only use “Ref” to show the name of a value. For example

product_colors stores the id and name of a color.

If I want to allow my user to search for the color on selecting it, this can only be done via Ref-Columns.

So in this case I would want to deactivate computation of all the referring rows sinc I don’t need them.

  • any ideas?


(Grant Stead) #2

Yes. First, if you’re only wanting to take advantage of the labels from the referenced table. Then set it to ENUM OR ENUMLIST… BASETYPE REF… Then save and verify. Then go back and make sure the type qualifier json has the correct table listed. @Adam_Stone_AppSheet what do you think it would take to close the loop on this, and make the ref table drop down show up. So we don’t have to manually edit the text?