Can you hide the other names on a Dereference dropdown

Can you have a dereference without having the list to choose from. In other words, I would like the other users not to be able to see the other names on the list

Yep! Set the Valid If expression to an AND() or OR() expression that evaluates to TRUE if the manually-entered value is valid. For instance, if the column accepts a Ref to the RowKey column of the MyTable table, you could use either:

AND(IN([_THIS], MyTable[RowKey]), TRUE)


OR(IN([_THIS], MyTable[RowKey]), FALSE)

Pay careful attention to the differences in the above.

Thanks for the response. I can’t seem to get this to work. Perhaps I didn’t explain the situation correct. I would like the dropdown on the form of the REF to not show all the different options. I just want the person to have to type in their name.

What did you try, and what happened?