Can you launch another program from an Appsheet launcher?

I have a launcher for applications and websites we use, but can I launch a program from Appsheet?

There is no way to directly launch other apps or programs from an AppSheet app. However, if you open a URL from the app that has a handler configured within the OS for the URL, I would expect the handler to be used. For instance, if you try to open a WhatsApp URL and WhatsApp is installed and configured with the OS to open WhatsApp URLs, I would expect WhatsApp to open.


Yes that’s right. The URL will open the WhatsApp App on mobile, or the WhatsApp Desktop Version on PC.
whatsapp:// and will also work.


Has this idea come to fruition yet?

There is no way to open another arbitrary app from AppSheet.

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Currently, the appsheet doesn’t allow running mobile apps from a deeplink (shared via email, for example) right?