Can you make the edit button table button an action?

Is it possible to make this button into an action to better allow my users to see that this is what they are supposed to press?

Buttons are actions. Can you clarify your request?

So if you have a table view with quick edit enabled that button I circled shows up and allows you to edit inline. I want that to be like the buttons for actions like these:

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, there is no way to do that.

Is there a way to enable that inline edit for a table views by default and avoid the Save that comes up with it? We have a table view in a dashboard that has 3 editable fields and we want it to feel more spreadsheet like where they can quickly and easily edit those fields since they will need to edit a handful of lines in that view everytime.

Nope. That save is what makes it a Quick Edit.

I thought you can apply bulk action. On your screnshot, I dont know why you dont have check box, possibly you dont have any aciton for that table? But usually we have check box shape on the top right when we see either table or deck view.

Then you select the target rows. Once we select the row, then go back to top right corner and select the action you wish to apply for those row.

It should not be perfectly matching what you want, but very similar.