Can you permanently delete system generated views?

I would like to delete some system generated views but when I do and save the editor the views return as if nothing as happened.

Is there a way of achieving this?


Hi Chris, I’m afraid you can’t delete them. If you try to do that, the system will regenerate them.


The best you can do is hide them:


Hello Steve. Is it a bug that we cannot delete system generated views and actions? Yes there is an option to hide system view and system actions but that is only for the app editor appearance. I want to hide or possibly delete system generated views and actions but everytime I saved my project, it will show up again and again. Thanks Steve.


It is better to create views yourself which your app will use instead of the system generated views.
If you create slices of your tables and then views for those slices you’ll find the process easier.

It is not a bug.


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Do you have an app with mainly slices? I thought too many slices slowed down the performance of the app? I tried and this approach and ended up scrapping my app and started over. Appsheet this is a a much needed fix.

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