Can you trigger an action on a table quick edit save?

I know actions can be triggered on clicking a row, also by saving a form, etc. I have a table that users will be updating multiple rows using the quick edit function. Once the edit is complete a workflow which creates an email+PDF needs to be sent reflecting the changes. Ideally this action would be triggered when the multirow edits are saved as the last step of the sync. The closest I have gotten is triggering the action manually after editing by using an action button.

I am also having trouble displaying the button. it seems to refuse to show in table view and will only show in detail view.

A workflow which triggers on ‘Updates_Only’ doesn’t work? Even when doing bulk edits in a table, the workflow if you have one should still trigger.

Screenshot of what you tried that was unsuccessful?

So the goal is to create a shipping manifest. I’ve gotten it down to 2 steps. A table has a list of sales, each row has an order number, product, qty, etc. A single order can take multiple rows if it has multiple products. Depending on standing inventory, not all products on an order can ship at the same time. Therefore, after an order is created, the user doing the shipping will select the rows being shipped today. That is the multi row quick edit. This creates a row for each type of product, qty, order#, and a “FALSE” ship status column in a child table. That’s Step 1. Step 2 a second action (currently being triggered manually) sets the ship status column to “TRUE” in the most recent entry in the child table. Once the ship status is updated, the workflow triggers. The workflow uses the Order# from that single row to SELECT all the rows being shipped today. Thats why I cant let the workflow trigger just on the parent table, it would send a PDF for each individual product rather than putting them all on a single page.

As far as the action button displaying only on detail view, it is a group action, the first step sets the ship status to TRUE, triggering the workflow, the second step sets it back to FALSE so these items aren’t included in the next manifest. I think this isn’t appearing in table view because the sub actions in the group are using a row level expression. I just cant figure out how to get around it unless I can trigger the group of actions at the quick edit point on the table in Step 1.

LIST(MAXROW(“Shipping Manifest”,"_ROWNUMBER",TRUE))

It is not possible to attach actions to Quick Edit changes, either in table or detail views. The closest you can get is a workflow, but that won’t occur until a sync happens.

The only overlay buttons that may be places on table views are those labeled “not a row level action” and navigation actions. Other data-change actions are not allowed.

you are being a buzzkill Steve. :slight_smile:

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