Can you use a slice in a Start Expression? I...

(David Hopkins) #1

Can you use a slice in a Start Expression?

I have the following…

This one works…

straight to the Students table

<<Start: OrderBy(SELECT (Students[Name], [Type of Student]=”Fighter”), [Name])>>

This one does NOT work…

going to the Active Students slice.

<<Start: OrderBy(SELECT (Active Students[Name], [Type of Student]=”Fighter”), [Name])>>

I’m confused…

(Philip Garrett) #2


Your current Select does look wrong. It is missing the condition. Try changing it to include a condition. I used “True” in the following one.

OrderBy(SELECT (Active Students[Name], true), [Name])

Earlier you specified the following, and it had a condition.

<<Start: OrderBy(SELECT (Active Students[Name], [Type of Student]=”Fighter”), [Name])>>

(Philip Garrett) #3


Both Start expressions look correct. What error are you seeing?

(David Hopkins) #4

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh the second won’t work.

Its a slice but for what ever reason won’t return anything.

(David Hopkins) #5


Ok… for some reason I thought the condition was optional .

That did the trick!

Way to go Philip…

Really helpful…

Thank You.

(Philip Garrett) #6


Glad to hear that it is working. I am really impressed with how much you have done!

(David Hopkins) #7


I’m a quick study… and I really love this platform… I’m building this particular app for one of my trainers… I’m only building it to get better at AppSheets…

Thanks again sir…

I really appreciate you…

(Stephen Mattison) #8

Great post!

(Stephen Mattison) #9


I like the scope of this app, would be very useful in any school to keep better track of the trouble-makers and nip it in the bud!

You should actually be able to build in some formulas and features that would help automate the response, mitigation and even rehabilitation of these troubled kids. Ex. If you add a “Follow up” system to log historical data, even Family data, you would eventually have an amazing tool that could predict/list problems and solutions of new cases that might otherwise be overlooked in the middle of such turmoil.

Imagine entering the details of this mornings fight into your app, all official notifications are sent out, and the school Counselors get a report suggesting that little Jimmy Peters is 1. very likely not getting proper morning nutrition and 2. very likely allowed to stay up until midnight 6 days per week! I would also think that automated preliminary reports like this, based on historical data, might make it easier to get parents to buy in to Counselor recommendations.

(David Hopkins) #10

@Stephen_Mattison Im not sure thats the intent of this app actually… however, what your suggesting might actually be very helpful…

The premise behind my app is this:

You are an instructor (fitness and Martial Arts in this case) that moves between facilities and needs to track students in multiple classes at multiple locations. Broadcast messages and reminders to a specific individual, class, or facility and the ability to pull payment, status, and progress reports.

I’m currently building this application simply as a way to learn AppSheets better. One of my fighting trainers is being my Use Case.

(Stephen Mattison) #11



Silly me!

I was thinking Fighter, Biter, Cryer, Puker…

Great job getting into AS, looks like you’ve got a great start and very useful app!

LOTS you will be able to do for your niche, and I’m sure you’ll find lots more niches to explore!

(Philip Garrett) #12

@David_Hopkins I bet the Start expression is fine.

I would trouble shoot the slice.

When you go to the Slice and click “View” are you seeing the data you expect? Somehow you are filtering out too much of the data.

(David Hopkins) #13

I use the slice to feed the main entry of the app.

Sup I’m supposing that its working correctly

(Philip Garrett) #14


Can you clarify what you mean when you says it won’t return anything? Are you get an email with an empty body or you are not getting an email at all?

If you are not getting any email at all, then you should check Audit History.

(David Hopkins) #15


I just checked the slice directly in the View Data window and it’s good.

When I set the start to “Active Students” the email just never comes.

So I just ran the test again and found this…

‘OrderBy(SELECT (Active Students[Name]), [Name])’ is invalid due to: SELECT has invalid inputs. Error: Workflow rule ‘Active Students Report’ Start expression ‘OrderBy(SELECT (Active Students[Name]), [Name])’ should generate a List of Ref values.

I think Im getting closer…

(David Hopkins) #16

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh The only difference i can see in the test data for the report is the name of the Table called…

either “Active Students” or “Students” … one works, one does not.

Im not sure what “invalid inputs” the error would be referring to .

(David Hopkins) #17

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh BTW…

Thank You for your help Philip… it’s much appreciated…

(Philip Garrett) #18


Can you tell me the workflow rule name and the steps to repro?

(David Hopkins) #19



Workflow is “Active Students Report”.

It’s called from the Menu item “Reports” then “Active Student Report” and “Generate” icon.

You can also check out the Active Fighter Report… they are the same in all ways except Active Fighter sets [Type of Student]=“Fighter” in the SELECT statement.