Can you use sheets formulas as "app formulas"...

(ABC Admin) #1

Can you use sheets formulas as “app formulas”?

Hey all,

In my sheet I can select a name from a drop down and the following formula shows data based on the dropdown choice. Can I accomplish the same thing via Appsheet? Can I have the view show a drop down and based on that choice show information based on that choice? Here is my sheets formula:

=(QUERY(Sheet2!Z3:AD,“Select Z,AA,AB,((AD-AC)*24)/.25 label Z’Funder’,AA ‘Client’,AB ‘Service Date’,((AD-AC)*24)/.25 ‘Units Used’”,0))

Any advice is appreciated.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The QUERY and SELECT expressions are little bit different because with your QUERY formula you are reading values from more than one column like Z,AA,AB and ((AD-AC)*24)/.25. With the SELECT you can read values only from one column. Please check this sample app if it could help… - Custom reports - Reports that users can customize Custom reports - Reports that users can customize

(Bituminous Roadways) #3

The google sheets Query formula is very powerful, but there are likely better ways of doing this within Appsheet.

Appsheet uses a psudo sql formulas similar to the query formula within its app formulas.

if Sheet2 is a part of your appsheet app you should be able to query the data you are looking for.

It is a little hard to tell exactly what you are doing as I am not familiar with your code, but look into the following information