Cancel form from Y/N column Hi, is there a w...

(Allan Casal) #1

Cancel form from Y/N column

Hi, is there a way to cancel a form if the answer to a Y/N column is a NO? It would actually be better to redirect the user to another view but I know it’s not possible yet (I hope that would be in the near future).

I was hoping to get the user to act on fixing the issue before they continue filling up the form instead of nothing happens when they choose N.


(David Hopkins) #2

What if the rest of the form (past the Yes / No) were all dependent on the Yes answer. So, the rest of the form would have a showIf field = True… that way, the NO would be the last thing the user fills in… then they hit save and your app uses a Workflow condition to punt them to another location and delete the record.

Have not tried this, just thinking out loud.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

It might be simpler to have a Valid_If condition that requires this value to be true. So if they answer No to the question, the validation fails. You could have a Show column that provides a suitable error message. And the user would have to explicitly cancel out of the form.