Cannot add a new record through an ref form


I have two tables

Operador (Operator)

The relationship between them is one to many: Operator → Hotel

When I add a new Hotel I was able to add a new Operator from my enum dropdown if it was missing.

However suddenly it has stopped adding new records to the spreadsheet table through this ref call to the Operator form.
I have checked that I don’t have too many empty rows in my table.

It was kind of hard to catch the error because it shows the error: This entry is invalid and just after a couple of seconds, it dissapears (managed to screenshot the message before it does)

I’m able however to add new records through the Operador form directly and without issue, but when I try to do it while I’m adding hotels it’s just not possible.

It’s a very strange behaviour, I hope someone has an idea of what I can do make it work again.



This looks like a bug that numerous people are reporting.
@Steve @Aleksi

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This is a known problem. A fix is coming.

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A bug was apparently introduced in today’s update. The update has been rolled-back, so things should be working again. Can anyone confirm?

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Yeap, all good now.