Cannot add data source & New Tables not visible within existing source

Please reference the video below

Appsheet - Google Drive source not adding

Someone else owns the app however all the data is in a separate gmail account. Never had problems with this before unless something has change with the way you guys handle the google auth and data.

I don’t get the problem. The video was kinda fast but in both times when you were circling the greyed out list of data table sources, they were greyed out because they are ALREADY present in the app. The one that wasn’t greyed out is because it has yet to be added.

Am I missing something?

I’ll try and explain it in more detail.

I am trying to add new table I have created in Google Sheets from a folder where all my other tables are located. For some reason the newly created Table is not showing up in the app (It isn’t included in the list of available sources even though it is in the same folder / location). I try to add a new data source, however, it does not seem to recognize all the new Tables I have created in the google drive folder (in fact it won’t even let me select a folder in the source to search for the new tables).

Ok, the list of sources shown in the drop down were based on sheets available in previously added workbooks. If add a new sheet to these then it will automatically reflect as a source to add like with the non-greyed out items.

To add sheets as tables from NEW workbooks, you will need to the use the “Browse for More Data” option. I noticed in the video after you authenticated, you didn’t go back into this option. I think if you do you will get a navigation pane that allows you to pick additional workbooks to add as datasources.

Hi @Jessy_Mrozowski
I dont believe you can add new data sources if you dont own the app.