Cannot clear number values displayed as RANGE

When using the range display option on a number field, once a user has moved the slider, they can’t clear or NULL the value.

This makes it undesirable to use the range display mode for non-required fields - I don’t want my users to accidentally move the slider and then be forced to submit meaningless data.


You’re right, a way to clear it would be nice.

As a work around, you could create a way for someone to toggle the number field “on/off” by using an Edit if on the range and an enum (you’d have to add) that’s a button for “Show Number” or “Enter Number” or something like that.

The user either turns it on or off… if it’s off, and marked un-editable, even if there’s data there in the form - when it’s saved (and submitted to the backend) - the field will be left empty.