Cannot connect data source

Please Help,
i was trying to learn and build an app,
but after around 1 week i didnt open my app,
then now when i open my app when i want to add new table,
it said “Sorry, we were not able to connect to that source.”
Anyone can help?

Is your datasource by chance an Excel spreadsheet placed on Google drive?

yes, i used an excel spreadsheet that i put in google drive.

There have been several users who have had this problem and I tested it myself.

I don’t know at this point if its considered a bug or if Google/AppSheet just doesn’t fully support Excel sheets in this manner and that is leading to the error. If you try to view the Excel sheet in Google, it is placed into a viewer screen. It also stands to reason that not all Excel functions and formulas are supported in Google.

You have two options that I know of:

  1. Convert the Excel workbook to a Google sheet and use it as a Google sheet.
  2. Place the Excel workbook on a OnePoint drive and use it from there.
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So, in OnePoint drive, i just copy my excel workbook in there?
Then i change my source in app from google to onepoint drive?

Yes. That is my understanding. I have always used Google so not familiar with anything else. I have read many post of users who are using OnePoint so I know it is being done that way.

I would say this. If you are just starting out and have the option to use Google or Excel, I would recommend Google. AppSheet was built on Google so the compatibility is more robust.

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thanks a lot for the info., :smiley:

one more question in my head,
with this coindition (i use excel spreadsheet that i saved in google drive),
i’m trying in editting my data in appsheet (for example i input new data),
it’s still update in my excel spreadsheet,
so it means that it still has connection,
but when i want to add table it says cannot connect data source…, XD

Yes it seems it can add the initial sheet fine. This is why I am uncertain if its a bug. I have read of others having the same issue but have yet to read if this should be supported or not.

With Office 365, if a user has the spreadsheet open for editing, other users and third-party apps like AppSheet can’t make updates to the spreadsheet. Consequently, if you intend to build an app that updates the data (as most apps do!), please make sure to close the spreadsheet first. Otherwise, you’ll see conflict (“409”) error messages and the app won’t be able to save changes to the spreadsheet.

okaay thx a lot,

This problem is in the process of being fixed.
See this post for the latest information Additional Tables from excel workbook


okaayy., thx a lot for the info…,
i’ve already move my data to google sheet., :smiley:

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