Cannot determine the fault of the bot


I have not previously used the bot system before.
I have thoroughly used the workflow and report systems though.

My Bot is all setup to essentially do what my report used to do.
9am daily run the following process:
Run task: Email myself.
This is pretty easy stuff.
The issue im having is I run the bot. I do not receive an email.
In the old system I used to be able to look at the log and determine the fault but I cannot find anything like this within the bot system?
I also cannot find a way to run the task manually

If anyone know how to find out what is going wrong or even how I can manually run the task that would be great!

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Change the trigger to run on a schedule. Then you can manually trigger.

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Hi Simon,
The event is a daily schedule trigger
I can run the bot but I don’t receive the email

If the manual trigger doesn’t work click on Monitor button inside the bot to see if there are any errors showing

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Oh I see, I thought it was just the graphs in there. I didn’t see the other tab. Thank you Simon. Now time figure out the cause of my attachment template error haha


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