Cannot Find Column

I have a column in the locations_filter table named “Driver Name.” I’m trying to create a data slice with this column but AppSheet won’t recognize the column. What did I do wrong?

Hi @tvinci
What is the expression you are using?

Is the show? option enabled on the column? slices don’t see any columns that have a disabled show? field, I believe.

Did you use Driver Name or Driver Name. ??

News to me… :confused:

Wait nope I retract that statement I was thinking about views!

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@Austin_Lambeth, @Steve, @Lynn

Oh that just looks like your formula is wrong.
Your formula “any(locations_filter[driver name]=[drive name])” doesn’t make since. ANY() means return the first record in a list and locations_filter[driver name]=[drive name] 1. is a list = a column and 2. return true or false so its not a list for ANY() to work with. I’d recommend trying to use a full SELECT() instead of the locations_filter[driver name]=[drive name] to create your formula. You’re likely trying to get SELECT(Locations_Filter[driver name], [driver name]=[_THISROW].[driver name]).

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Thank you Austin. So what I’m trying to do is filter gps check-in data according to the name in locations_filter. The gps check-in data is in delineatedLocations. How do I do that?

I tried this expression but it didn’t work

in plain English, I want to say retrieve the location values for this driver from table delineatedLocations that match the selected value of driver from locations_filter