Cannot find system reference view for a table


So I am learning appsheet by trying to copy the Order management sample app by appsheet.

What my problem is when I try to create a new order, I click on the new order inline button. There when I select the products dropdown - the form that pops up I want to customize it but I am unable to find that system-generated view anywhere. This is a simple issue so, I tried googling but am unable to use the correct keywords and unable to find any help topics.

Any help guys? Thanks in advance

You want to customize what’s display in the dropdown, or you select “Add” from the dropdown, and you want to customize that Form view (which should just be the basic auto-generated Form view for the referenced Table)?

Make sure you’ve selected this, if the latter:

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Thanks for toyr answer

I want to change what’s displayed in the dropdown.

The products table I created has images in it. So right now all I am seeing in the dropdown is images and a checkbox. Once we have added 1000s of products, we won’t be able to find the correct one with only images

Screenshot attached of what I am getting

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Thanks. I guess this will solve my problem. I didn’t know what to search for.


Sorry, I have a follow-up question.

Any way we can add filters for data in this dropdown as we are limited to using only 1 non-image label?

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