Cannot Locate Google Drive Source - see image

Cannot Locate Googe Drive Source - see image

Spins forever! Never shows file list.

This is a bug. I’ve escalated it internally. In the meantime, please contact for help.

Just hit sheets on Google drive

Thank you Koichi. You’re exactly right.

The spinner is looking for Quick actions. Quick actions are intended to help you quickly connect additional tabs from a multi-tab sheet that’s already connected to this app. It’s a bug that the spinner never resolves, but that should not block you from clicking “Sheets on Google Drive” and browsing your drive.

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Just an update on this thread. The issue where the spinner spins forever should now be resolved. Please let me know if it hasn’t been.

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The Quick actions label is displayed but still a spinner.

This is when you try to change the source of an existing table. It’s OK when creating a new table.

I think it’s not finding actions!

This started happening when you changed it to start looking for actions. I am not sure why having actions when browsing Google Drive is any benefit at all?