Cannot Preview PDF file in google drive

First , I’m use Behavior > workflow to create PDF file

Second , File Created in my google drive > location is
“My Drive/appsheet/data/TestDeliveryRack-2295790/SavefilePDF/Schedule_20210101AAA20210102_1038.pdf”

Third , I want appsheet preview my PDF > I create virtual column type “File” > I’m formula =
“My Drive/appsheet/data/TestDeliveryRack-2295790/SavefilePDF/Schedule_20210101AAA20210102_1038.pdf”

Fourth , When i click it’s show 404 file not found T^T

How to fix that , i feel so sad all-day T^T
thank you for help

I try to create New APP to test PDF
This is main APP Server Error 404-file or directory not found


the new APP it’s work i dont know why T^T , same virtual column , same formula , same file

1:50 2/3/2021 i find a way to run file in google drive
the problem is google spreadsheet
i create new google spreadsheet and make table Report
it’s work OMG T^T .
i dont know why my main google spreadsheet cannot run report ( 404 file not found )

Try saving and verifying on the first app.
I had this issue earlier today.



Path to file must be relative to the sheet location in drive.
My usual paths are something like “data/attachments/file.pdf” , not “my drive/appsheet/data/…”

Also , in app info, you can define default folder


I found problem now
info > properties > app properties > default app folder is = /appsheet/data/myapp-1234/
my googlespreadsheet is = /Somefolder/googlespreadsheet
I change default app folder = /Somefolder and OMG it’s work T^T .

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Thank you , very much T^T