Cant access appsheet

Hi, i am having trouble login with my g-suite for education account (i am the admin), this is what i get:

You need access

Your company policy is blocking access. If you need help, contact your domain administrator.

I have tried everyhing: more than an hour with google support, i tried the workaround suggested in this community, to revoke permissions on appsheet and login again but aall to no avail.
I send my case to appsheet support but if anyone has any ideas to solve this i’ll apreciate

I’m afraid that’s the only suggestion I’d offer. :frowning:

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We are having the same problem with our education G Suite login. My admins have granted all the rights but we are still locked out.

They fixed, it took them a couple of days but i think they could solve it faster, you must write to or may be you could wirte directly to Oleg, the person that helped me:
In the end he explained to me that the error was due to change in permisions and security regarding under age users so I just confirmed to him that we were ok with the google contract and did the trick, later i had to reconnect the calendar app (in caso you are using it in your app). Now its all good.


Thank you Nicolas! I will contact them immediately.

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you’re welcome

@isdal FYI

Hi everyone,

@Nicolas_Cabello is correct that this is due to under age users (specifically K-12 google workspace accounts) and parental consent for additional Google services for those users. This is impacting free appsheet accounts for those organizations. We have written up a FAQ here:

@Eric_Tanguay I took over your support ticket and we can follow up in there to make sure you get going again with AppSheet.

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