Can't add new tables from Microsoft 365 (SharePoint)

Been trying to add a new table to an app since yesterday but the spinner just keeps spinning as soon as I choose the Sharepoint site; OneDrive works – but I can’t use that in this case.

Contacted support and waiting to hear back… thought I’d share incase others are facing similar issues since last update to system.

Hope your Friday gets better AppSheet team :crossed_fingers:


This is still an issue and no one from support is helping. They suggested I use another data source…

"You should be able to add data from One Drive sources, I am trying to contact one of our developers about this specific condition to see if we have a remedy on our end. "

Even after I explained I can only use SharePoint… and they left it at that. What?!

I find AppSheet support to be less that average in their attitude and best practices. They should have kept me up to date with what will happen with a set period of time: I’ll get back to you within 1 hour, I’ll have some else get in touch because I don’t know, because I’m going home… anything actually helpful.

Can anyone at AppSheet help since support seems as helpful as wet tissue on a rainy day in the this occasion.

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I have no experience with (modern) Microsoft products, so I can’t help there, but I have escalated this issue internally so that others are aware of your frustration. That’s the best I can do… :frowning:

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Thanks Steve… we need to clone you

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@YGY , I responded directly to you as well a short while ago. Will look into what’s happening with the ticket.

Advance warning — because it is Saturday night here, I don’t know if we can get a response from the devs till Monday.


Working again, thank you AppSheet team for sorting this out.

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